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About Greenville Studios

Founded to build, invest and support e-commerce & CPG companies, Greenville Studios brings together the resources needed to operate commerce companies at scale.

Greenville Studios incubates, develops, and partners with media and e-commerce companies using a mix of deep domain expertise and capital to spur growth. Unlike most startup studios, we invest off our own balance sheet, truly aligning us with our partner companies.

Our team of strategists, digital marketers, engineers, and creatives work together to bring brands to life and launch them into the world. We take a long term approach to building companies. We look to partner with entrepreneurs with a desire to build something generational.

Our Guiding Principles

We take a high conviction approach to building and partnering with companies.

We invest our own capital in every project, and align ourselves with every entrepreneur we partner with.

We are entrepreneurs who know what it takes to build something at scale. We’re founders first and investors second.

We don’t just invest, we are partners. We roll up our sleeves and work alongside the founders we partner with.

Our Thesis

Greenville is built on the thesis that brand success is most likely to be achieved when:

  • Operational considerations stand at the forefront of core decision-making processes
  • The creation of high-quality content precedes the launch of physical product(s)
  • Investment outcomes are non-binary and investment horizons are non-arbitrary


Utilizing our team of experienced founders and strategists, we build and grow our own brands, utilizing the advantage our existing operating companies provide.


We utilize our operating, sourcing, logistics, and fulfillment knowledge to help influencers set up commerce operations. We also partner with existing stores to help them scale.


We invest directly in select CPG brands, focusing on brands with a clear content strategy and engaged organic audience base.