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Author: Peter Danby

Article Highlight: “The Limits of Attraction”

        In this study, Frederick, Lee, and Baskin re-examine one of the most well-documented phenomena in the consumer behavior literature: the attraction effect (also referred to as the decoy effect and the asymmetric dominance effect). Prior to this study, the evidence seemed

Common Mistakes: Observations on E-Commerce Failure

      In 2013, I acquired IronLinx Fulfillment (—an e-commerce-oriented pick, pack, and ship operation based in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. Since that time, my position at the firm has afforded me the opportunity to closely observe and interact with hundreds of online sellers on

Internal Conflict: Killer of Businesses

      “It’s unfortunate but true: if entrepreneurship is a battle, most casualties stem from friendly fire or self-inflicted wounds.” – Noam Wasserman, The Founder’s Dilemmas The entrepreneurial experience is often highly-romanticized by those who write about it; however, a more apt description might

Beyond War Stories and Anecdotes: Theory, Practice and Entrepreneurship

    Though entrepreneurship as an academic discipline continues to lack generally accepted cumulative or unified theory of its own (as the definitions of entrepreneurship and the entrepreneur remain subject to vigorous debate, perhaps this should not be too surprising) and has historically focused more on describing (as opposed