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Organic Customer Acquisition

There’s one question that we hear asked more than any other in the CPG startup space: “What’s the playbook for going Direct-to-Consumer (D2C)?”

Our answer is usually short and sweet: while there is no “playbook” that you can simply follow to the letter to create a winning brand, both authenticity and community seem to generally be necessary – though not by themselves sufficient – conditions for success.

We’re launching a video series to chat with the founders, investors and individuals behind some of the most interesting emerging brands in the CPG space – brands which we feel have a real opportunity to make category-defining contributions to the market.

Our first video highlights Loverboy – an early-stage brand built upon the desire of the founding team for a more authentic and transparent alternative alcohol brand. The Loverboy team has taken an incredibly interesting approach to customer acquisition – one which harnesses their fame from staring in a hit television show.